The Return of Vintage Styles in Modern Men's Business and Casual Fashion

Fashion is a cyclical beast, with trends from the past often making resounding comebacks. In recent years, we've witnessed a resurgence of vintage styles in men's fashion, both in business and casual wear. This revival is not about replicating old looks but rather reinterpreting classic elements for the modern wardrobe. Let’s dive into how vintage styles are making a comeback and how you can incorporate them into your attire.

Vintage Elements in Business Attire

  1. Double-Breasted Suits: Once a staple of the 30s and 40s, double-breasted suits have made a strong return. They offer a classic silhouette that exudes authority and style. Pair with modern fits and minimalist accessories for a contemporary twist.

  2. Wide Lapels: Reminiscent of the 70s, wide lapels are back. They add a bold touch to suits and blazers, giving off a confident retro vibe. Balance the look with slim-fit trousers and a narrow tie.

  3. Pocket Watches: An elegant nod to the past, pocket watches are a unique accessory for the modern businessman. They add a touch of vintage sophistication and are a great conversation starter.

Vintage in Casual Wear

  1. Denim Jackets: A throwback to the 50s and 60s, denim jackets are timeless. They are versatile and can be paired with chinos or even layered over a casual shirt for a relaxed yet stylish look.

  2. High-Waisted Trousers: With roots in the 40s, high-waisted trousers have resurfaced as a fashion-forward choice. They offer a flattering shape and can be teamed with a tucked-in shirt for a smart, casual appearance.

  3. Classic Sneakers: Vintage-style sneakers, like those popular in the 70s and 80s, have become a staple in casual men's fashion. They’re comfortable, stylish, and pair well with both jeans and casual trousers.

Mixing Vintage and Modern

The key to incorporating vintage styles into your wardrobe is balance. Mix and match vintage pieces with modern cuts and fabrics. For instance, pair a vintage-inspired blazer with a contemporary slim-fit shirt. The goal is to create an outfit that acknowledges the past while firmly remaining in the present.


The return of vintage styles offers endless possibilities to experiment and stand out in the world of men's fashion. Whether in a business setting or a casual outing, these timeless elements can add depth and character to your look. Remember, fashion is about expressing your personal style, and the blend of vintage and modern is a perfect canvas to do just that.