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Old Money Collection

Timeless Jewelry

Vacellis embodies the essence of minimalistic elegance in every accessory, where simplicity meets timeless sophistication.

At Vacellis, we have built a reputation synonymous with excellence, timeless elegance, and heritage. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Embrace Elegance

Embark on adventures with style and durability.



I recently purchased a Vacellis watch, and I'm absolutely in love with its minimalist design. It's become my daily essential for both work and play.

Sara Mitchell

I bought a Vacellis wallet, and it not only exudes quality but also complements my style perfectly. The attention to detail is truly impressive.

Luís Silva

I adore my Ozzy sunglasses. They're the epitome of chic and have become a fashion statement every time I step out in the City of Light.

Sophie Dubois

Haute bracelets have added a touch of sophistication to my accessories collection. They're versatile, well-crafted, and always draw compliments.

David Chen

As a connoisseur of elegant timepieces, I can confidently say that my Vacellis watch is a true gem. Its minimalist charm never goes unnoticed.

Elena Martínez